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Importance of exercise during pregnancy.

Ms. Pratibha Gulati 91% (85 ratings)
Physiotherapist,  •  20 years experience
Importance of exercise during pregnancy.
Having a baby? Congratulations.

How do you feel? Excited/overwhelmed/terrified?
Needn't worry, just relax.

At natal wise learn to relax and stretch with trimester appropriate exercises which will help you cope with ever-growing body with baby in your womb.
Pre-natal exercises are an important aspect of your months of pregnancy.

Pregnant and active! well why not?
=pre-natal stretching helps you ease your stiff joints and muscles (esp. Abdomninal muscles to accommodate to your growing baby) and also any aches and pains that are common on the joints and ligaments.
=exercises will strengthen your joints
=stretches with breathing techniques helps in increasing the oxygen level to the baby and also increases the blood circulation to all parts of the body.
=helps you sleep better
=regular 1 hour of exercises helps ward off gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and keeps all your stats in control.
= helps you re-gain your pre-pregnancy shape.
=makes you feel good and helps in keeping the skin glowing with blood circulation.

Imp: during pregnancy do not exercise on your own by watching dvds or you-tube, always exercise under a supervision of a certified child-birth educator who can guide you the right kind of exercise fort each individual specification.

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