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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2023

Immunofluorescence - Ensuring Safety In Neurosurgery!

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Dr. Raghvendra RamdasiNeurosurgeon • 22 Years Exp.MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neuro Surgery, FESBS
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Immunofluorescence or IF uses specificity of antibodies with fluorescent dyes to identify their antigens. The technique allows one to visualize the distribution of the target molecule with a fluorescent microscope through fluorescent dyes.

Types of Immunofluorescence Techniques

There are three types of IF techniques, namely –
• Direct Immunofluorescence
• Indirect Immunofluorescence
• Compliment binding indirect immunofluorescence

The direct method is used more often than the indirect method because it gives results that are more accurate and is less time taking than the latter. Applying and drying stains in the former technique is simpler and timesaving as well.

In neurosurgery, IF is used for brain tumour imagery. Brain tumour imager is also done using the following techniques –
• Commercial systems with built-in fluorescence channels
• In vivo fluorescence microscopy
• Combination systems
• Modified surgical microscopes or laboratory-grade stand-alone systems
• Point spectroscopic tools

Is Immunofluorescence Technique Safe?

Immunofluorescence is not only used to examine the dispensation of proteins but also small biological and non-biological molecules. This technique has been widely used in medical and biological research and is considered extremely safe and efficient.

Advantages of using the Immunofluorescence Technique

The advantages of using the Immunofluorescence technique are as follows –
• The results of the technique show clear and absolute positioning or location of the molecules
• The natural structure of the antigen is left undisturbed and protected
• Immunofluorescence is highly sensitive even to molecules that have low expression
• The procedure is simple and quick
• Multiple targets can be identified in the same area
• The expression of molecules can be identified directly

All these make Immunofluorescence technique a safe, effective and timesaving procedure showing the accurate location of molecules. This technique ensures safety in Neurosurgery.

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