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Hypothyroidism - How It Affects Your Lifestyle?

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Hypothyroidism - How It Affects Your Lifestyle?

Thyroid is a gland which is located in the neck right beneath the Adam’s apple. The hormone produced by it is called thyroxin and this hormone is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolic rate. This gland works as a thermostat for the human body as it controls other hormones which are responsible for burning and using calories.

How does it affect your life?

  • Hypothyroidism, also known as the ‘underactive thyroid disease’, is a disorder which causes the thyroid to secrete insufficient hormone, thus causing the body’s metabolic rate to slow down, and in turn affecting the heart rate and body temperature.
  • The people who suffer from hypothyroidism often experience weight gain and sensitivity to cold. Weight gain in case of hypothyroidism occurs despite having a low appetite. This is because the calories consumed are not burnt and used appropriately.
  • Fatigue is another major issue associated with hypothyroidism. Individuals suffering from hypothyroidism usually become tired after the first half of the day.
  • An underactive thyroid also causes drowsiness and depression. These may initially not seem to be major problems but in the long run, both the quality of life and overall health are usually negatively affected by it.
  • Thyroid related issues have become more common nowadays. Research shows that an unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major reasons behind this. Sedentary lifestyle involving little physical movement coupled with consumption of an unbalanced diet has led to surge in the number of such cases.

Doctors prescribe medications in case of hypothyroidism. But apart from medicines, simple modifications in lifestyle can go a long way in addressing this disorder. Research shows that consuming a healthy diet rich in iodine and comprising of sea food and green leafy vegetables, can increase the production of thyroxin in the body. Regular exercises must also be coupled along with following a proper diet. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a general physician.

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