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How To Improve Sexual And General Health?

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Dr.Sudhir Bhola 90% (1282ratings)
MD - Alternate Medicine, BAMS
Sexologist, Gurgaon  •  21years experience
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I am Dr. Sudhir Bhola, Sexologist and today I am here to tell you something so that you can stay fit forever. Sexually as well as generally. Now God has given us a very healthy body. Whatever the diseases or disorder we get is only because of our own mistakes. Aapne dekha hoga ki choti age mein hi bache gym jana shuru kar dete hain. Ab unmein competition hota hai and they just try to get bulky, muscular very instantly. They want to build their muscles, biceps in a month or 2 only. In that case, their trainer suggests them to take steroids or some heavy protein pre-workout and post-workout which are all unnatural way of making your body healthy.

And you just have noticed that through unnatural sources, you become flat and to the original position within a month of leaving your proteins or whatever supplements you are taking. So, be natural even if your trainer asks you to take supplements, do not take them. Instead, you focus on your natural diet. You can take a number of egg whites depending upon your work-out. You can take a chicken breast, mutton. Especially in your teenager, you can digest all those things. Steroids are fatal for you. So, the trainer will never wash those out the supplements you have taken. Patients come to the doctor like me. Their libido has gone down, not able to get the erections and a lot of other problems which they start facing in their further life. Now, why to go unnatural when you can get everything naturally. The natural body-building will be completely forever. Another thing I have seen, over the counter pills which are easily available at the chemist shops even these, should not be taken just to show impression over the partner. Without even require those pills, which are not at all good. They will give you pleasure and definitely leave a good impression on your partner.

But further, it is going to affect your health, sexual health in general especially in the future. So, why not to be natural whatever you are. Be that only. Don't be in competition especially in sexual activities are concerned. They start the pill and they cannot perform without the pills in the future. A man will never lose potential if he will remain natural. But yes, there are some age-related capacity and power but that is something natural. Just accept the fact, you will never be required a doctor Now, this video I have made as I have got a number of patients which are just taking over the counter pill, steroids and lot many other. Some boys are using weed, intoxicants just to boost up their highs. Why? If you remain natural by natural activities, doing regular exercises, then taking healthy diet, abstaining from all unhealthy things like drinking, smoking, you can stay healthy. You don't need to visit any kind of doctor So, I am meeting such kind of patient who is just abused, so for your health, be natural.

Thank You!

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