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Last Updated: Dec 27, 2019

How Substance Use Is Studied And Treated?

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Dr. Pallavee WaliaPsychologist • 11 Years Exp.PhD Clinical Psychology, Post graduate diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology, Internship Certificate in REBT/ CBT, certificate in guidance, M A Clinical Psychology
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Psychologists and other researchers study the antecedents of substance use and how what we know about the human brain and its development can inform our understanding of why people use substances and how their use becomes problematic. 
They often study specific types of alcohol and drug problems, their origins and effects, how these problems change over time, how they are distinct from or may overlap with other conditions and how they may interact with biological, social, behavioral and other cultural issues.

Prevention & treatment -
Psychologists and other professionals apply the findings of research to treat substance use in individual people, couples and whole families and may sometimes provide treatments to people brought together as a group or in a community. 
They also may integrate more biological approaches, such as the use of medications, with social and behavioral treatments, work to motivate people to engage in the process of change, maintain long-term changes and even prevent the development of alcohol and drug problems in the first place.

Behavioral therapies for opioid use disorder -
That's a missed opportunity, experts argue, since evidence-based behavioral treatments used in concert with medication have the potential to make a real difference in long-term recovery" substance use is not just about biology. When someone comes into treatment for opioid use disorder, there's a lot of history that predates that, and a lot of things that happened when they were engaged in drug use" says Sharon Walsh, PhD, a professor of behavioral science at the University of Kentucky college of medicine who studies opioid use disorder and its treatment" it's critical for people to also have behavioral interventions as needed. You need to treat the whole person to get them well"

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