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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

How Rehabilitation Psychology Can Help To Overcome Drug Abuse?

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Dr. T SanthanamPsychologist • 35 Years Exp.PHD Psychology
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Drug abuse or addiction is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw, but it takes a lot more than willpower to overcome the problem. Abuse of illegal or certain prescribed drugs can trigger alterations in the brain – alterations that may lead to strong cravings and an impulse to use that makes sobriety seem like an unachievable goal. However, there is good news – no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, or how many times you have tried to break free and failed, with support and appropriate approach, the cure is possible. The most difficult choice for many to make when trying to overcome drug abuse is recognizing the problem and deciding on whether to make a change. It is natural to feel unsure about whether you are ready to start recovery. You might be concerned about how you are going to survive without OD’ing on certain drugs. Well, Psychological Rehabilitation can help you overcome the crises.

Rehab Psychology to Break Free from Drug Abuse Committing to sobriety involves altering a few things –

How you cope with stress

Who you allow in your life

How you utilize your leisure time

How you perceive yourself

Psychological rehabilitation takes into account the above points and uses the following techniques to overcome drug abuse include –

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – a psychologist helps the patient recognize the factors that are triggering for her/his craving for drugs, and manage or avoid those triggers. CBT also helps the person steer away from destructive behaviours and thoughts.

Motivational Interviewing – this involves a structured conversation between the psychologist and the patient. Through such conversations and motivational interviewing, the therapy aims to increase the patient’s motivation to overpower drug abuse. For example – the therapist will help them identify the difference between how they are living in present and how they want to live in the future.

Participation in Activities – Psychological rehabilitation suggests that being immersed in a group activity can keep you distracted. Therefore, participate in an engaging task and see may witness the urge slowly fade away.

Behavioural treatment in Rehabilitation Psychology can be particularly effective when combined with conventional medical treatment – it imitates the effects of specific drugs in a controlled way or reduces the ‘high’ the person enjoys after doing drugs. Besides, you can always talk to a relative, a friend or a trusted family member to reach out for help and comfort.

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