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How Homeopathy Can Help Treat Irreversible Disorders

Dr. Milind R. Bhatt 87% (98 ratings)
Homoeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Mumbai  •  27 years experience
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Hi, I am Dr Milind Bhatt. I'm a classical homoeopath. I give medicine on your dreams, I give Medicine on your basic nature. So why do I have to give medicine on your dreams? Why nature? What is the difference between you and me? All us have two eyes one nose two ears. The difference is the way in which we think and on the aspects when we give the medicine we can wonder.

Now suppose if anybody's coming to the first time to the doctor definitely the patient will wonder why you asking about my nature even if asked is not going to reveal everything but a stage comes where he'll say this is me one two three four five nothing beyond there or maybe they will not go the way to see the negative aspects that time we asked about the dreams. And the dreams play wonderful role in understanding human psychology. I here narrate an amazing example. A patient had come with spine TB mentioned by a big doctor of Bombay hospital that Tb may go to the brain and you know something greater has happened to this patient.

I was just wondering when a patient has everything in his life why would he suffer from such big irreversible disease? when asked about his nature, he just mentioned everything is fine he is multimillionaire like he has everything in his life-like there is nothing to worry about. When I asked his mom she said oh he's a very obedient child. The father also praises. So I was just wondering that there has to be something but I could feel something so I asked about to tell me something if you have any recon dreams. There are two dreams which are recurrent. One was he's donating in bulk and it just looked at me even I looked at him because a rich person who has lot of money if he gets a dream of donating doesn't make any difference it's not important to me I was just waiting for the second dream so the second Dream was that he is piercing that knife into somebody's abdomen he is enjoying that dream the liptum is pulling out intestine. It is sadistic, it is not normal.

The world knows that he's a rich person, he is content, he has everything then why is an obedient child, a quiet child, then why is he enjoying such a dream? Now, who would tell me the actual nature? The wife. So I called her wife. She looked at me. She said so I have to tell you something but then you promised me that it will be between you and me because he is going to give me a kick because he will not like this revealing his nature. I said okay we are here just to cure him. She told me, sir, he would buy me a diamond ring and one day he bought a diamond ring he kept it on the bed I saw the name i took the ring and I just tried it on my finger. The moment he saw he just beat me up and I was looking at him and he was heartless I could not understand why he was doing this? He had bought it for me so when I am wearing the ring then why is he beating me? The second thing I was feeding my baby and little bit curtain were opened and he started beating me. I found see these two instances I could understand that this patient is not normal he has got bipolar or he got split personality on the task that we have a medicine called Anacardium. Gave a dose of Anacardium and everybody surprised that TB spine went away and the best part of it was the wife came And told me sir I can't and I will never be able to forget you, sir, because his nature has changed. Previously he was a reckless, impatient and very violent. He has developed patience and tolerance and he has not beaten me since then. So this is how we treat with homoeopathy from nature when we get stuck somewhere we ask about dreams and the dreams reveal everything about yourself.

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