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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

How Can Homeopathy Help In Anxiety?

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Dr. Vidula PunadikarHomeopathy Doctor • 23 Years Exp.BHMS

Hello everyone!

I am Dr. Vidula Punadikar. I am homeopathic consultant located at Baner. I have been practicing homeopathy since last 14 years. I want to talk to you about anxiety today and how homeopathy helps treat it. So, what is anxiety? Anxiety, we can say it as a psychological feeling of uneasiness and fear about something. It can be characterized by a few bodily symptoms like palm sweating, rapid heart rate, breathlessness, muscle tension, dry mouth, etc. Reasons can be any like stage fright, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of facing crowd, fear of exam and many more. Homeopathy can help to relieve such ailments where the treatment is individualistic means there are different medicines available for different kind of anxieties, where I will be explaining few of them here and discussing a different kind of anxieties experienced differently in individuals.

In addition to that, homeopathic treatment is purely natural and with no side effects. Few homeopathic medicines I am going to discuss with you today. One of them is Aconite, where it the best homeopathic medicine for anxiety where the symptoms can be covered like added tension, restlessness, panic attack, sweaty palms, fear of failure, fear of future, fear of death and also there can be some painful past events past traumatic events which generates anxiety in the patient. The second one is Argentum nitricum. This medicine comes into picture where there is an extreme nervousness and apprehension like stage fright before performance or exam fear in the students. These patients may develop a barrier due to anxiety. Also, there is a fear of crowds, fear of passing certain points, fear of tall buildings these persons may get impulsive at times due to anxiety. The third one is arsenicum album.

Here are the anxieties mostly related to the health and finance where the person starts developing being neat and professionalist to away all insecurities about health and finances. He has fear about losing money or developing disease or fear of death. Fourth is the Calcarea carb where people who suffer from the fear of losing support or fear of changing a life, they can be helped with this medicine. The last one is Gelsemium where the anxieties are related again to the performance. The person can experience muscle tensions, shaking less, going to urination more frequently are experienced due to anxieties. This can be covered in this medicine. Also after bad news like deaths, person goes into anxiety and panic attacks. It is advisable to take medicines only with the expert's opinion. 

Thank you!

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