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Homoeopathic Treatment - Family Kit

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I am Dr. Anjali, Homeopath. Today I will talk about homoeopathic treatment. I will tell you about a few homoeopathic medicines to take care of your family. We all know that it is one of the most popular treatment worldwide. Why people are choosing homoeopathic treatment? Because they are choosing it for its holistic and individualized approach. Every person is different. Everyone has a different lifestyle, eating habits, background, way of living, past history, childhood history is different. Whenever a person is diseased, that person gives a specific set of symptoms and that set is base of the selection of the best medicines. For eg, 2 patients are coming for the same complaint like headache, but for both of them, we will give different medicines because they will provide us with a different set of symptoms. We treat the patient, not the disease.

Medicines will improve the overall well being of the patient. Now I will tell you a few medicines for a home kit. But the general myth is that homoeopathic treatment is not being used for acute cases. But this is a false statement. Whenever we talk about some acute case, more precisely the patient will give us the symptoms, cause of the problem, definitely, the best medicine will go to the patient and that will act as fast as another mode of treatment. Even it can act faster but most of the time it has been seen that the patient comes for the homoeopathic treatment, they already have tried different modes of the treatment. By the time, the situation becomes worse and became a chronic one. Then definitely it will take time. But homoeopathic treatment will definitely cure the acute problems. Now about medicines kit. First is arnica Montana. That can be used for any sort of injury when there is a muscle sprain, disc colouration or bruises. Then other is nux vomica.

This is for nausea and indigestion. Now from overeating, if nausea is there, indigestion is there then we can use the same. Next is belladonna. Whenever redness, swelling, along with this the part is hot at the time of the touch then we can give this medicine. Now next is Apis mellifica medicine. Just think about the pain of these things. Redness, burning, swelling, so use this medicine. Skin complaint in case of any boil or any insect bite, use this medicine. If you have a small child at home then you should take chamomilla medicine. So, these are the medicines which you can keep at home in the form of the safest potency. If require one dose every hour and one dose in 2 hours depending upon the intensity of the problem, we can give these medicines. Maximum 3-4 doses can be given. And still, the problem is there, then visit your physician. So, this is the way to take charge of your family with the best homoeopathic treatment, and medicines. These medicines are safe, gentle and effective.

Thank You.

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