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Homeopathy - How Safe It Is?

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Homeopathy - How Safe It Is?

Homeopathy literally translates to same/similar and study. The philosophy of homoeopathy is like cures like. The medications that are usually prescribed by homoeopathy doctors contain the same ingredients which would cause the disease. For example, if gout is due to excessive uric acid, the treatment also would include uric acid, but at highly diluted doses.

There is constant controversy as to whether this actually works. While there are numerous patients who have benefitted from using these products, there is another segment which claims that they just have a placebo effect and actually are not of any medicinal value. The following are some points raised by clinicians and patients all over which question homoeopathy.

  1. Arriving at the right prescription: No two individuals are given the same treatment in homoeopathy, even though they may have the exact clinical presentation. The doctor needs to spend a lot of time to discuss other symptoms and then come to a conclusion as to what to use. This is extremely complex and even tricky sometimes. Arriving at a wrong conclusion and giving wrong medication is quite possible if a proper diagnosis and case study is not done. This is one big risk that is raised against homoeopathy.
  2. Limited trial periods: Another argument against homoeopathy is that none of these products have gone through clinical trials and therefore their safety is a big question. There are also reports of people having had adverse reactions to some homoeopathy medicines.
  3. Uncertain responses: Just as the diagnosis, even the response to treatment is unique and specific to individuals. While some medicine might work for a person, it may not work for another. Also, the duration of treatment can widely vary. Some might respond in days, others might take weeks or sometimes even months. In the meantime, there could be other symptoms arising as a result of the medicine per se.
  4. Homoeopathic aggravation: Going by its basic philosophy, homoeopathy uses the same medicine to treat the symptoms which would induce it in the first place. Therefore, there is a high chance of initial aggravation of symptoms at the beginning of therapy. Patients who choose homoeopathy are often warned of this and advised not to worry about this, as this is a typical observation.
  5. Drug interactions and side effects: Many homoeopathy products have significant side effects. What can affect one body system in a positive way can have a negative effect on another body system. However, the argument is that the medicine is used in highly diluted forms and are not capable of causing any adverse effects. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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