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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Hepatitis Prevention and Protection Guide: World Hepatitis Day

Dr. BiohealthAlternative Medicine Specialist • 26 Years Exp.General Physician (AM)
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Hepatitis Prevention and Protection Tips

Viral Hepatitis can invade the body and attack the liver systems. It has five different types, Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. While hepatitis can be treated, it is best to prevent it in the first place.
Here are some simple, easy to follow tips that can prevent hepatitis from spreading.
1) Know how it spreads - Hepatitis can pass from individual to individual or through blood, body fluids, infected faeces. Contaminated food and water can also cause hepatitis. Hepatitis B, C and D in particular spread through contact with infected blood.

2) Get Vaccinations - Immunization can help you protect yourself against Hepatitis A and B. Vaccinations for Hepatitis C, D or E aren’t available. But Hepatitis C can be cured with anti-viral medications. For Hepatitis D, the infected person needs to get Hepatitis B to survive.

3) Avoid Sharing Personal Items - Don’t share as it is a high-risk behaviour for Hepatitis. Be sure that needles for body piercings, acupuncture and tattooing are safe and disposable to avoid the risk of contamination.

4) Avoid Sharing Grooming Items- If you are living with someone who has or is at risk of Hepatitis, make sure that you avoid sharing grooming items as undetectable quantities of blood or other bodily fluids on razors and toothbrushes can lead to spread of virus.

5) Alcohol and Drugs - Hepatitis is a high risk among people who use excessive alcohol and over the counter medications. Liver inflammation and liver damage puts individual at risk of contracting Hepatitis and therefore, alcohol or prescription drugs and herbal supplements must be avoided and taken only after physician’s consultation.

6) When Travelling- Avoid eating raw fruits, vegetables and raw shellfish, avoid eating at unhygienic places, brush teeth and rinse mouth with clean water, avoid iced drinks or adding ice to the drinks while traveling to avoid contracting the condition.

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