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Last Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Healthy Parenting - 6 Amazing Tips For It!

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Ms. Sandhya CPsychologist • 12 Years Exp.M.Sc - Psychotherapy
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Parenting is not at all an easy task to do and hence, it’s one of the most researched areas in social science today. If you happen to be the parent, just ask yourself what you really want from your kid. Healthy parenting can go a long way in shaping your child’s health, both physical and psychological. The confident adult that your child grows up to be can greatly be influenced by the decisions you take as a parent and the various parenting choices you make. Just the perfect mix of love, affection, authority and strict handedness are all what it takes to try and be the best parent for your little one.

How can discipline and liberty go hand in hand?
We all learn from our mistakes, don’t we? Similarly your child will! Hence, every time your child runs around the house trying to fiddle and explore, don’t run after him. Let him be. Watch him try and fail, fall and get up, and you shall be doing him a world of good that way. Parenting is not about taking charge of anything and everything your child does and clipping his wings of passion; instead, it’s about having faith in your child and teaching him to value freedom and use it the right way. This way, you get to teach your child resilience and how to be self-reliant.

How can healthy parenting positively affect the parents?
Wouldn’t it be great if your children grow up to become responsible citizens, loved and honored by all? And if your kid really learns to respect freedom and become disciplined from an early age, it just saves your sanity and emotional balance too!

Healthy parenting is a gradual process
Healthy parenting is a habit that the parents and the kids should grow with. These can be achieved by:

  1. You may be the corporate honcho, but try and be the daddy dearest for your blue eyed boy. Get back home, play with him and see all inhibitions disappear.
  2. Cuddle up with your baby and a book and read out to him every day! Your voice will affect him positively and he would probably want to hear of you more. This induces imagination and creative power in the child and may make him an avid reader in the future.
  3. Make simple yet grand memories with your baby and he is sure to never forget them; can be as simple as going out for an outdoor game every weekend or swimming together on Sundays.
  4. Lead by example. Show him with your behavior and practicality the way you would want him/her to be later on in life. Make sure he learns and learns the right things by watching you. If your child sees you tackle and come out of a sticky situation with a cool head on your shoulders, he’s sure to imbibe the attitude in him as well. Be the captain your child needs, and he shall score big.
  5. Saying how much you love her a thousand times a day is not what’s really needed. Rather, be there for her when she’s down and out, the times when she would need you the most. Don’t rely on only words to forge memories with her. You can do a lot more than that.
  6. And lastly, try and make your child inculcate in him the belief that it's not always important to do the right things, rather try and do things right. Street-smartness is something your little beloved will ever thank you for.

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