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Hair Transplant - Know More About It!

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Dr.Manoj Kumar 87% (72ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery, FRCS, Fellowship In Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Noida  •  40years experience
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Hello friends,

This is Dr Manoj Kumar, Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Hair Transplant Surgeon. Today I am going to talk to you about the details of the hair transplant surgery techniques. Many people who have got a hereditary hair loss known as androgenic alopecia will sooner or later have a very bald patch which will require hair transplant. Now the hair transplant surgery is a process where your own hair is taken from the back of your head where they are genetically programmed to last for the longest period to the front part where your hair is lost. The surgery surgical technique has undergone a sea of changes like any other speciality and has become an invasive surgery to minimally invasive surgery. Nowadays the technique that we are using which is the most advanced and minimally invasive is known as Automated FUE technique where the hair follicles are extracted directly from the back of your head using very fine punches which are actually the thickness of that is as good as thick as a normal needle so the trauma that it causes is minimum and it heals the donor area heals very very soon within a few days.

Other advantages of this technique will be is that because it is automated so lot many grafts could be harvested within a short period so that we can give a much better density and much higher number of hair transplants. The technique involves a method which will be transplanted a where the hair follicles are not at all damaged. Therefore each & every hair follicle is going to give you eventually 100% success almost 100% success is expected. This is much much better compared to the older techniques Strip Technique where a strip of your hair is taken from the back of your head and the area is stitched of and then the hair follicles are removed from that. This process ends up in losing some of the hair follicles because they are damaged in the process of removal from the strip. And also it is much more cumbersome and time taking so the number of grafts harvested cannot be as much as in automated FUE technique. Therefore the current trend is to do the hair transplant with automated FUE technique.

Thank you.

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