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How To Keep Your Hair Health?

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M.Sc. Dermatology, PG diploma in clinical dermatology, Board Certification, Doctor of Medicine, Added Qualification in Cosmetic Lasers, Diplomate in cosmetic formulation
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I am Dr. Kiran. A lot of you have hair damage, hair fall or dandruff. Some of you say in winters your hair fall and dandruff gets terrible. Dandruff can often be caused by pollution. Pollution has been shown to cause hair fall, hair damage, hair frizziness, dandruff, progressive thinning of the hairs. So many different things can be caused by pollution on your hair. I know that really sounds stressful but there is something which you can do to treat it.

You can use charcoal-based shampoo to help peel off pollution that has struck in your scalp. You can also use acetic acid or Apple Cider vinegar that is diluted in water to cleanse the scalp and the other thing which you can do is the hair shell. A hair shell is a therapy which infuses vitamins and removes the obstruction and cleanses the scalp of pollution particles and it basically helps to get rid of dandruff, reduces that pollution-related hair fall and improve your scalp and rejuvenate it so that your hair and scalp feel younger, fresher and cleaner. Hair shells are done once every 2 weeks- 4 sessions and you can see a measurable improvement very very quickly and that is a really great way to reduce pollution-related hair damage. Last but not the least light sunscreen spray straight on your hair and enjoy.

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