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Garbhsansakar - Developing An Intelligent & Healthy Baby!

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Garbhsansakar - Developing An Intelligent &  Healthy Baby!

Just as baby’s body develops when they are in their mother’s womb, so does the baby’s mind. According to Ayurveda, a baby’s personality and behaviour begins to develop inside the womb almost as soon as he or she is conceived. Thus, in the same way as a mother takes vitamin and mineral supplements to nourish her baby’s body, attention also needs to be paid to nourishing and developing the baby’s cognitive abilities. This is known as Garbhsanskar in Ayurveda.

Garbh Sanskar derives its origins from the Sanskrit word ‘Garbh’ meaning foetus in the womb and ‘sanskar’ or education of the mind. In order to help your baby develop a healthy mind, garbhsanskar suggests a way of life and practises that parents expecting a child should follow. This is because, it is believed that an unborn baby can understand sounds, emotions, thoughts and feelings being experienced by the mother. Thus mothers are advised to stay positive always and keep away from negative influences.

Make time for hobbies and other interests that make you happy.

Reading a book is an excellent activity for pregnant women. It not only keeps your mind occupied but according to Ayurveda, the information gained by reading also seeps into the baby’s mind. It is perhaps for this reason that mythological stories and scriptures are highly recommended to expecting mothers.

Though reading the newspaper is a good habit to inculcate, skipping the morning paper when you are pregnant is not a bad idea since most of the news contained has violent references. If you like watching movies, pick comedies and movies with a happy ending that raises your spirits.

Music also plays an important role in your baby’s cognitive development. According to Garbhsanskar in Ayurveda listening to soft, soothing music can keep both the mother and the baby calm. This also aids in the development of the baby’s sense of hearing and stimulates the development of neural connections in the brain. There are a number of shlokas and ragas that have proven to be beneficial for expecting mothers and their foetuses. Alternatively, you could listen to soft instrumental music like that created by a flute, sitar or violin.

Meditation is another key aspect of garbhsanskar. This helps calm a mother and eases mood swings while giving her and her baby peace of mind. The aim of meditation is to achieve a zen state of mind where the mind is not affected by external distractions and can focus on visualising the baby. By doing this, a mother can connect with her baby and form a deeper bond with the growing foetus. Communicating with the baby by talking to them or caressing your belly is also known as Garbha sanwaad. This contributes to the physical and mental development of the baby and stimulates their senses.

Thus, do not wait for your baby to be born to start connecting with them. The day you learn of the good news is the day you and your baby can start developing your unique bond. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ayurveda.

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