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SLE, Fellowship In Diabetology, Diploma In Psychology Mental Health And Illness, PLAB (MANCHESTOR, UK), FAGE, MBBS
General Physician, Bangalore  •  15 years experience

For any kind of illness the most often question the patient asks if what kind of food is to be taken for the patient. Although this cannot severely affect outcome acutely in any illness over a long time it is very significant.

First i will talk about junk food or fast food. This is the most popular kind of food because it gives instant gratification. This added with brand value is also nowadays a sense of accomplishment for some people. The food here will give instant pleasure but because of the fact that to do that it is often prepared in a way that it become s of a high calorific value with a lot of taste. But consumption over a period of time makes eaters prone to obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc.

Second is processed food. They are in a way similar to fast food but in addition to calories they are made and stored with a lot of additives and preservatives. Examples are all canned and packed food. Even though it is ideal food for those on the go due to nuber of chemicals added in it exposes the eater to their
side effects.

The best choice is of course home food. Made with natural ingredients without the pressure or motive of having to sell for profit make it made with concern for health both long term and short term. But the problem is availability and this is what exposes most people to the above 2 categories. With option from vegetables, fruits cereals and pulses and breads with no chemicals and presentation motive the motto here being natural for good health and life makes it the wisest choice in our diets. The food here is as is to be such that you be what your meant to be at best for yourself and others rather than living a life for show off or sacrificing good food for other priorities.
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