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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Feeling Uncertain and Unsure! Boost Your Self-confidence With These Tips

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Dr. B.S. AroraPsychiatrist • 30 Years Exp.DNB, DPM, MBBS
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“The most beautiful thing you can wear is your confidence” -Blake Lively

At a certain point in our lives, we are all swept off our feet by the storm of doubt, so much so that we refuse to rest our trust and faith in our very own selves. But that is where being silently confident comes in. Confident people are optimistic, even in the face of adversities and tend to confront their fears head-on, no matter what. Take a leaf out of their book; here are a few tips to lift your esteem to its pinnacle.

  1. You need to keep off all the negativity: In life, you would be surrounded by people who would want to pull you down, taint your morale by unconstructive and unnecessary criticism. Maintain your dignity and distance from them who do not give you good vibes.
  2. Enhance your Image: Remember. body language maketh a man. The things you do and the thoughts you think speak louder than words. So, never forget to carry that wry smile by the side of your lips, whenever you encounter something seemingly insurmountable. Your posture, your firm handshake, your way of looking straight into the eyes of a person while dealing with him/her, can all go a surprisingly long way in upping your confidence.Composure and calmness are the keys to greatness.
  3. Never give-up: Failures are life lessons in your path of success and the true spirit lies not in never falling, but dragging yourself up each time you fall. Hence never accept defeat. Remember, every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.
  4. Be prepared: Put your best foot forward every time you do something; be it that important office presentation of yours, or on the prom night of your university. This could take your confidence higher.
  5. Remind yourself of every single good thing you’ve done: Life is full of ups and downs and there may be days when you would feel unsure and weird about yourself. What you can do is make two lists and stick them on all spots easily visible to you, for instance, your wall, your refrigerator door or your bathroom mirror. On the first list, pen down all the amazing things life has blessed you with and of which you are truly grateful. On the second list, put forth all of your accomplishments that you are proud of; major or minor. Next time, whenever you find your self-esteem waning, these lists would remind you of what a worthy life you have had thus far, thus motivating you all over again.