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Energy Healing & Relationships

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Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma 88% (107 ratings)
Ph.D - Psychology, M.Sc. - Counselling and Psychotherapy, M.A - Psychology, Certificate in Psychometric Testing, Basic Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modality for Behavioral Resolution, Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral for Couple, B.Ed- Psychology Hon.
Psychologist, Delhi  •  16 years experience
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In a relationship, there are three entities, me and relationship itself why relationships are losing meaning day by day because there are lot of ego problems which are going on there lot of power games which we started playing within our relationships, relationship humaraay culture ka Bhut beautiful aspect hai Indian culture ka but its slowly an slowly gradually losing its meaning an as its true beauty now here is where actually therapies like Reiki can intervene and help the people. Help people respect each other respect themselves and create a beautiful blossom relationship it helps you to understand yourself first because a confused person will end always in a confused relationship it is very important to clear your mind in term of relation a person who is confused who is not well adjusted with himself with his own self he’s not able to create a good and healthy relation because whatever he has jo us k pass hai wohi us relationship mai dai ga. agar uska pass guilt hai ya uskaay pass pardshani hai to defiantly that forward to his partner so its very important to understand the self concept what you feel about yourself. it helps you clear all the negatives all the confusions that are running in your mind wo confusion ko khatam karta hai jaisa he confusion khatam hota hai you start living yourself that what you give in your relationship so it start here , so its all about to clarity about loving yourself about respecting yourself now having this all i also want to clear one thing that you cannot use Reiki for any unauthentic reasons in the sence that you cannot just control the other person mind in the sense if you want to fall in a romantic relationship with a girl or some boy no you cant do that Reiki is guided by higher power it would only work for your highest good. people who are around us who will love so much our parents our friend our siblings our partners they are not going to stay on this earth forever they are just with us for few more decades kuch time k liye we don’t know when till when they are going to be with us so spend a beautiful life with them its a beautiful life spend and your blessed with a beautiful relationship with them so we have to understand the value of the people around us on time .

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