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Last Updated: Mar 03, 2024

Doctor And Patient Relation

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Dr. Beena BansalEndocrinologist • 26 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology


I am Dr. Beena Bansal, Endocrinologist. The reason why have I started a new clinic because over the year I have realized that medicines are becoming more and more complex. One example of complexity I can give is with diabetes. For eg, one generation before, medicines were all about treating infections. So, the patient would go to a Dr when he will have any symptom like pain or fever and the Dr would give medicine which the patient will happily take because that would immediately give him the relief of symptom. But now the structure of medicines have changed. The patient does not go to Dr with any symptom. They might want to go to prevent complications in the future. For eg., Dr insists that a patient should check their sugar level to know if it is high which may or may not have any symptom. And even if it is high, they need to take the medicines because that will help in preventing the complications in the future.

Now we see the concept of reduction of complications. Therefore, there is a lot of confusion. It is very difficult for some patients to understand why they are taking medicines because they do not feel any immediate benefit. The perceived medicines benefit are just not there. The disease is going to stay with them for all throughout life. Therefore, it is important for the patient to understand more and more about this disease. And why is it important to reduce the risk of complications. What is the risk reduction because it is all about the statistical reduction of risk which means that the Dr needs to sit with and make him or her understand about the medication. So, there is a major role in this communication.

Communication is not just one-sided or Dr telling the patient what to do. Also, the patient being able to open up with the Dr because when we talk about wellness, healing, there is an important part that patient is able to convey his emotions openly to the Dr. In most diseases which I manage in endocrinology, it is important to listen to the patient to understand that what they are going through and accordingly plan the treatment. So, listening and communicating to them that what exactly the disease is. Need time to have a meaningful conversation with the patient. And what is that the care all about? Door to care aims to open a new avenue and the vision is to have this important space and time to communicate with the patient. Hoping for all the best wishes from each of you.

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