Do Birth Control Pills Help in Controlling Acne?

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Do Birth Control Pills Help in Controlling Acne?
Do birth control pills help in controlling acne?

An outbreak of a pimple is perceived as a cause of embarrassment and concern as it gives rise to skin damage. Coming to the cause of acne, it generally occurs due to excess oil (sebum) production. The oil on your skin combined with dead skin cells, blocks your skin pores, thereby promoting bacteria growth and causing acne breakouts.
The use of birth control pills to cure acne is usually recommended when topical medications and oral antibiotics don’t help in clearing up the problem.
Here’s how they work on acne.

Possessing properties that can regulate your hormone production, birth control pills contain the two hormones that your body naturally makes – oestrogen and progesterone. Present in different amounts in the pills, they act by lowering the amount of androgens (male sex hormones, which give rise to excessive sebum production) produced by your body. As a result, with a reduction in sebum production, there is also a decrease in the breakout of acne on your skin. However, you shouldn’t expect instant results from their use.

Many a times, birth control pills can cause a flare-up of the problem before it can be contained. This can result in your acne getting worse before getting better.
Although birth control pills can help to control acne, it’s still important to maintain a proper skincare routine comprising of washing, toning and moisturising for a healthy and glowing skin.

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