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Did You Know: You Can Increase Your Height Naturally

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Did You Know: You Can Increase Your Height Naturally
6 natural ways to increase your height
Our heights have a lot to do with our genes and it is a well-known fact that we grow taller till the age of 18. However, there are some things we can include in our lifestyle to try add a few centimeters to our existing height.
Follow these natural ways to increase your height.
1) take protein-rich diet: we are all well aware that it is calcium that makes our bones strong. What a lot of us are not aware of is that the tissues in our bones are made up of proteins. This is the reason that a protein-rich diet is important for bones to grow properly and you to gain height. Some of the foods which have high content of proteins are fish, red meat, beans, seeds, tofu, milk, cheese, chicken and eggs.
2) fortify your immune system: a healthy lifestyle devoid of smoking, alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed), caffeine and steroids can assist in increasing health by strengthening the immune system.
3) get good sleep: seven to eight hours of sleep is the high is important for the human growth hormone which helps the body to grow taller, to be produced.
4) playing or exercising: running, dancing, sports like tennis, badminton, basketball & football, jogging, etc are high-impact exercises which help the bones in our bodies grow longer. Regular exercise can add a few centimeters to the height.
5) do yoga: tension and stress are known to stunt the growth in our bodies. Yoga is known to release the tension and stress in our body. Yoga also has stretching exercises which stretch the muscles and improve posture.
6) bone up: foods that are packed with vitamin d and calcium are pre-requisites in the diet. While calcium helps strengthen the bones; vitamin d helps absorb the calcium.

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