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Did You Know: Every 7th Urban Indian Is Prone To Bronchitis

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FCCP (USA), MD - Pulmonary Medicine
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Did You Know: Every 7th Urban Indian Is Prone To  Bronchitis
Symptoms of Acute Bronchitis

Most of India’s urban populace is highly prone to respiratory infections and problems due to the dangerously high air pollution levels in all major cities across the country. Air we breathe in travels through the bronchial tube to reach our lungs. Problem begins when these tubes get inflamed and mucus builds up. It leads to coughing and shortness of breath which is known as bronchitis. It is very important to identify the symptoms in the beginning and get yourself treated by a doctor immediately.

Look out for these symptoms of acute bronchitis.

1. Prolonged Cough - If your coughing goes beyond ten days, it could be bronchitis. If you have been coughing so long, check if the mucus is coloured too.

2. Shortness Of Breath - If you are facing shortness of breath despite not being asthmatic, you should see a doctor.

3. Chest Pain - Chest pain and chest tightness could be a symptom of acute bronchitis as breathing troubles might cause problems in such areas.

4. Sore Throat - Sore throat with persistent coughing is also a symptom for acute bronchitis.

5. Flu Like Symptoms - Most children show very different symptoms of bronchitis. They might show flu like signs of runny nose, sore throat, back or muscle pain and chills.

6. Weight Loss - You might also experience unexplained weight loss.

7. Barking Cough - Deep, barking cough is a sure shot symptom of something serious and you need a consult a specialist immediately.

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