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Diabetes - How To Take Care Of It?

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MS - General Surgery
Diabetic Foot Surgeon, Mumbai  •  33years experience
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I am Dr. Medha Shrikant Bhoyar, Diabetologist. We handle all case of diabetes as well as diabetic foot. Non-healing wounds for diabetics and non-diabetics patients. So, all kind of wounds whether it is related to neuropathy, vasculopathy or varicosity, these kinds of wounds we are handling and we have a lot of techniques in helping the patients out to heal their wound faster. So, what to say about diabetes, I think most of you know, diabetes is basically a disease because of the decrease in the supply of insulin or there is insulin resistance in our body which causes diabetes mellitus. And it can happen in any age group right from an infant to old age and in any gender.

As you know that it is rampant in our country It is becoming the 1st most country in the world to top in diabetes. So, for this, we have to know that what are the causes, symptoms, how should we take care of this, what are the preventive expects and what should we do in case we develop diabetes and how to go about to lead a normal, healthy and beautiful life. For any query related to diabetes and diabetes foot care, contact us through Lybrate.


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