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Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

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MBBS, DNB - General Surgery, MCh (CTVS), DNB (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, Mumbai  •  27years experience
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 I am Dr. Krishna Prasad, cardiothoracic surgeon. I want to discuss about coronary artery bypass surgery otherwise known as heart bypass surgery, which is a surgical management of coronary artery disease or the heart blocks, here what we do is we bypass blockages in the coronary arteries by using patient's own vessels from other parts of the body, so they are known as conduits and there are many ways to do it one is to stop the heart and do it and the other thing is to do in a beating heart without stopping the heart and also depend upon the conduit we use, the veins can be used from the legs or arteries can be used from the hand or arteries from within the chest wall .

So it can be divided or discussed in either a beating heart surgery or on-pump surgery or what we call stopping the heart and other thing is by what conduit we use, total arterial grafts or venous grafts like that. So now in the beating heart surgery with total arterial revascularization, the beating heart surgery is the more physiological we are not stopping the heart so it is a more natural way of doing it, second thing is we use total arteries so arteries have been found to stay longer than the vein grafts so patient gets a conduit which stays longer, here patency rates are very high and this has been proved in many investigations, so total arterial beating heart surgery is better and number one method for bypass surgery.

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