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I am Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Psychiatrist. Today we will talk about a very common problem which is usually neglected. In another communication, we have mentioned the common habits like behavioral issues which are just passed as habits. So, those are the things which are very common. It is understandable to ignore them for a long time. But I am surprised as very serious issues which are life-threatening are usually ignored by the ignorant family member. But I am talking about the family member expressing any death wish or planning to do any self-harm. So, such kind of things is very commonly neglected. It is fine for the mistake which has been done by somebody in the house. But the scientific studies say that before any person commits the suicide there are at least 1-2 attempts on deliberate self-harm.

In a very rare case, somebody who commits suicide has attempted for the first time. It is very rare for somebody who commits suicide has not expressed the death wishes to somebody in the family or in the friend circle. Ignoring suicidal thoughts is as dangerous as ignoring chest pain. So, whenever somebody has chest pain in the family, we ensure to get the person investigated thoroughly. So, always get the diagnosis done from the doctor So, the chest pain is ignored because of acidity, muscular pain but it has to be investigated by an expert. Because ignoring the problem can be a fatal mistake. So, if anyone has a death wish, by talking to an expert can come to a diagnosis that what kind of psychiatric issue can be there. At times, there is a high risk of getting suicidal thoughts and a person can do anything. There are proper tools which can make the assessment possible. So, always remember if someone in your family expresses such kind of wishes or they indulge in any harm then he or she should be encouraged to meet a psychiatrist so that a proper evaluation can be made. An action plan can be chopped out.

Now many of us believe that will it make the person more stigmatized if he or she has told that you made an attempt so you should meet a psychiatrist. It doesn't increase the stigma on the person because like any other health issue, the disease or the intensity of the symptom should be taken diligently and an expert should be walk-in to see whether the symptom can be ignored or it is a sign of the disease then the treatment should be initiated. I will very strongly be encouraged any of the loved ones in the family and the friend circle indulges in any behavior like this, it should be taken more seriously and the person should be encouraged to go to a psychiatrist for evaluation so that the intensity of the issue can be judged scientifically.

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