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Cirrhosis And Allergy

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Homeopathy Doctor, Ghaziabad  •  17years experience
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My name is Dr. Ajit Shivach. Now, today I am going to tell you about two of the most chronic diseases that are most prevalent among elder-lies and even in youngsters. These are: one is the cirrhosis in which I have found too much success. I mean the fibrosis was completely weaned off and the complete liver was restored without any transplantation. So, cirrhosis is mostly caused by two things mostly, one is hepatitis and second one is the alcoholism, chronic alcoholism. Mostly the symptoms are present in the cirrhosis are the fatigue, swelling in the lower limbs, nausea, loss of appetite mostly and sometimes the bleeding mostly in the later stages bleeding starts in the form of hemaptosis means vomit comes out in the form of vomit even the other passages also starts bleeding in the later stages. Haemoglobin also gets down and the platelet level also gets down.

So, in homeopathy we have got no specific remedies for that but we have the constitutional remedies for that; like the patient comes and he gives all his symptoms from metals to the physicals to all the generals and then we consider one remedy which is known as genetic constitutional remedy which comes after one or two hour of patient reading from the doctor and then we prescribe one medication like if I say in the past many of the cases have been treated with lachesis, veratrum album, mag mur, mag sulph and even carbo veg; all the cases were completely restored to their normal health. In that condition in which they were referred to the larger setups for transplantation. Second disease I'm today I'm going to tell you is the allergy. Allergy is the most prevalent among the NCR living people reason being the high pollution levels and the dust which is due to the infrastructure being developed here.

So, allergy and asthma mostly often comes together. Well, the cause behind it is the hypersensitivity of the mucous membranes or the hypersensitivity of your system towards some allergens and allergen could be anything from the Sun even the Sun anything under the Sun-like pollens, dust, cotton, anything, perfume anything. What happens in the asthma; the bronchial mucous membrane gets swelled up due to the allergic reaction due to the hypersensitivity of the immune system and it causes the expiratory obstruction in the breathing and which later on leads to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is the chronic form and the acute form is just the whenever it comes in contact with the mucous membrane swells up and leading to the obstruction of the air pathway.

So this leads to asthma. Now as far as the homeopathy is concerned we have got very nice homeopathic, an excellent homeopathic therapeutic like there are many remedies but the procedure of treatment is the same as the patient comes and we evaluate the patient from his mental symptoms, from his physical symptoms, from his past disease chronology and the present symptoms and his physical generals all the things are considered at one and then we arrive in one remedy which is known as constitutional remedies like in the past I've treated many cases of asthma which are now out of their asthma and they are living a very normal life. Some of them have been treated very well with calcerea carp, some of them have been treated very well with veratrum, some of them have been very well treated with arsenic album, blatta, mother tincture I also use and medorrhinum all these things depends on how the doctor is perceiving the case. So, it all depends on the perception of the doctor and the interaction of the doctor with the patient and what he gives his symptoms and then we come to some remedy and that cures anything, we can cure any allergy any kind of allergy. Thanks, folks for listening to me and I will keep updating you with the new therapeutics and the disease treatment in the latter parts.


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