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Cataract - What Should Know About It?

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I am Dr. Bhupesh Singh, ophthalmologist. Today I will talk about cataract. It is a cloudiness of the lens which is inside the eye. Everyone get this problem, so you should know about this. It usually comes at the age of 50, 60 or 70. This is an age related problem. Child also gets catarct which is called congenital cataract. Some patients get after the trauma. Now the advance technology we have is bladeless catarct surgery. We used to do phacoemulsification and then we insert the lens.

But now with laser we don't have to put major cut to cut the cornea. The procedure is more safe and precise. The healing time is faster. We have to put another lens for patient to get the vision. What kind of lens suits to patient which totally depends upon the patient's needs. 2 types of lenses: Monofocal and trifocal lens.In monofocal, patient can see at the distance and sometimes without glasses. In trofocal, patient gets independence from glasses. If patient wants read then he requires glasses. When we combine both the lenses then the results are much better. Cataract surgery is very fast. It is a painless surgery. We don't give any injection or put bandage after surgery. We also advise the patient to go for few tests like blood sugar, urine and hepatitis-B. These tests have to be done before surgery. If these tests are normal then patient can take a date.

After surgery patient can go back to home on same day. We prescribe medicines for 3 weeks. For 1st week, few precautions are required like avoid putting water in the eye, avoid heavy weight lifting, running and exercises. The results are excellent. Complications are very less. Patient can go for surgery without any fear. When to go for this surgery? If patient have cataract and he is not comfortable with glasses then it is the best time for surgery.

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