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Can Therapy Help You Reset Your Life?

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Can Therapy Help You Reset Your Life?

Life in the modern day is characterised by working at a frenzied pace. This leaves people feeling burnt-out and without motivation. A lot of people feel their life is spiralling out of control. Such emotions result in attempts to escape the present narrative of life and start afresh. Sometimes it is the best decision to start from scratch because it allows us to lay the foundations of a happier and healthier life.

Starting over, however, is a challenge for most people. The burden of expectations forms the greatest obstacle. It also causes apprehension and panic in many people. This is where therapy can step in. Therapy helps us take control of our feelings. It equips us to deal with our problems effectively.

Before going for the therapy:

Resetting your life is a major decision. It demands complete dedication on your part. Before the therapist can start his/her work, here is a list of things that you must do-

• Clear your mind of all prejudices
• Learn to embrace major changes
• Be ready to take control of your life
• Clearly envision how you want your life to be
• Look at starting over as a second chance at life

How Does Therapy Help?

• Once someone has committed to the idea of starting afresh, the therapist plays a major role. Professional advice helps a person to address everything wrong with their way of life. It helps a person make effective changes in their life.
• A therapist can motivate us to stop pondering on starting over and actually start over.
• The therapy uses various forms of communication- verbal and non-verbal, to find out self-image and other issues that make us take wrong decisions in life. This helps a person reach the core of their unhappiness and need to escape.
• Talking to a therapist brings out the deepest emotions, which make you feel de-stressed and relieved. Therapy also provides you with an insight into your life and changes the way you look at things.
• Therapy teaches you to stop blaming others for your problems and start taking the responsibility to be happy. It makes you more aware of your emotions and behaviour, which is a major step in the process of starting anew.

The most important thing to remember is that therapy can only help you to start afresh if you are willing to help yourself by going the distance. Although this is initially difficult for most people, being in therapy immensely helps in finding the motivation to do so. Therefore, if you are contemplating on resetting your life but cannot bring yourself to do so, therapy can actually help you out of the blistering pace of your life and introduce you to the life you have always wanted.

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