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Best Flexibilty Exercises for Parkinsonism!

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Dr. Vishwas Virmani 89% (26348 ratings)
Physiotherapist, Noida  •  22 years experience
Best Flexibilty Exercises for Parkinsonism!


  • Flexibility of the musculoskeletal systems can be maintained by encouraging the patient to lead an active life. However passive exercise by the therapist or the relatives may be of help in maintaining or increasing flexibility. Passive exercise to the patient should be given at least 2 to 3 times in a day. As the patient has a predominantly flexed posture the mobility exercises should involve plenty of extension activity. Passive stretching should be given for all shortened muscles. Sometimes braces may be used for prolonged stretching of tight muscles. PNF technique of hold relax or contract relax can be used to bring about lengthening of contracted muscles and thus increase the ROM of various joint. PNF pattern of flexion abduction with elbow extension for the upper limb, extension abduction with knee extension for the lower limb and neck extension with rotation to either side should be emphasized to overcome the flexed posture of a Parkinsonism patient. During the extension movement the patient should be asked breath in. This will help in increasing the thoracic expansion of the patient.
  • Apart from passive exercise, the patient should be encouraged to maintain joint mobility through active exercises and auto stretching. Calisthenics exercises in supine, sitting or standing posture is of great use to patients of Parkinsonism. As there is an tendency in parkinsonism patients to develop overall flexed posture, this may be countered by various simple stretching programs like standing erect with arms in elevation against a wall or corner of the room, and the patient should try and stretch out his whole body. Also, the patient should be instructed to lie supine with a pillow under the upper thorax, which can play a significant role in stretching the upper limb and upper thoracic spine.
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