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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Back Pain - 3 Stretch Exercises You Must Follow!

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Dr. A Ahmad0Physiotherapist
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Does you back hurt only when you wake up in the morning or is it a chronic problem? If yes, then you need to take immediate steps to treat it. Back pain, being the common physical anomaly for people primarily in the age range of 35-50, is one of the top causes for office absenteeism and mid-life lethargy and fatigue. Usually back pain indicates an underlying problem that involves the nerves, bones and muscles.

Here are some risk factors for back pain:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Stress related to work
  3. Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  4. Anxiety and depression
  5. Being overweight
  6. Over exercising
  7. Strenuous physical work outs
  8. Smoking

There are varied reasons as to why back pain may occur. Discussing the causes of back pain is beyond the purview of this article; the focus is now going to be on some of the stretches one can practice to get relief from back pain: 

  1. Downward dog: A classic yoga pose, the downward dog stretches the entire back, hamstrings and the whole of the leg. Begin the process in a classic push up pose with the palms and toes on the floor. Keeping your back straight, lift your tailbone up and straighten your legs. Push the heels to the floor and breathe to get the most out of this stretch.
  2. Child’s pose: A simple stretch, it begins with you sitting back on your buttocks and then stretching the arms in front of you. Keep your forehead on the floor and breathe slowly.
  3. Cat cow pose: If your common complaint is that of a sore and painful back, then this is one of the best stretches for you. A very simple pose, you begin by sitting on all fours, then transitioning into the cat pose by pushing your spine upwards. Hold the pose for one breath and then go to the cow pose wherein you lift your buttocks and the head while scooping your spine.

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