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Ayurveda Diet.

Dr. Komal Gupta 90% (938 ratings)
M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, DNHE, P.G. Diploma in Panchkarma, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Hapur  •  9 years experience
Ayurveda Diet.
The saying "A Person is what he eats" highlights the importance of diet in life. According to Ayurveda Diet plays a vital role in the maintenance of health as well as in the treatment of disease.
The three basic things required for maintaining health as per ayurveda classics are:
• Ahara (Proper Diet)
• Nidra (Proper sleep)
• Brahmacharya (continence)
Thus Diet is considered as the foremost factor for keeping oneself healthy. If diet is taken in proper manner it will maintain health and can even curb diseases but if taken in an improper way it may be the causative factor for disease as Mithya ahara (Improper diet) is said to be one of the causes for the occurrence of diseases in Ayurveda. Thus ayurveda has laid emphasis on taking proper diet and a lot of information about it is available in Ayurvedic classics. By adopting Ayurveda diet plans one can enjoy a healthy body, mind and soul. This section will deal with the various aspects of diet as per Ayurveda.

The Importance of Six Tastes in Ayurvedic Diet :

Ayurveda recognizes six tastes and it's quite important to have all of these 6 tastes in your diet every day. The six tastes are:
Sweet sugar, honey, rice, pasta, milk, etc.
Sour lemons, hard cheese, yogurt, vinegar, etc.
Salty salt, any salty food.
Pungent chili peppers, cayenne, ginger, any hot spice.
Bitter leafy greens, turmeric, lettuce, etc.
Astringent pomegranate, beans, lentils, etc.

These six tastes are listed in the order they are digested in your body.Sweet gets digested first, that's why it's not a good idea to have a dessert at the end of the meal. Salad should be taken at the end of the meal.Cravings are often caused by not having all of the six tastes in your daily diet. Many people often omit the bitter and astringent tastes.When you have something bitter or astringent at the end of a meal, it actually reduces your desire for sweets.

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