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Antenatal Care (Care During Pregnancy)

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DNB, DGO, MBBS, Fellowship In Infertility
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  19years experience
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I am Dr. Mayur Dass, Gynaecologist. Aaj mai aap ko btaungi ante-natal care ke bare mein. The purpose is to early detect any complication during the whole 9 months of the pregnancy and to manage it accordingly and in time. 2nd is to prepare the mother for labor, care of the baby and for lactation. Jab bhi aap ka miss period hota hai ya aap ki date overdue hoti hai toh aap apne ghar pe hi urine pregnancy test karte hain and agar usmein 2 lines aati hain toh test aap ka positive hai which means you are pregnant. Ab next kya karna hai? Gynecologist se milna hai and visits aap ke har mahine hote hain till 28 weeks. Uske baad twice weekly hota hai till 36 weeks aur fir weekly hota hai till the delivery occurs. Ab kaise aap calculate karenge delivery date? This is calculated by the last menstrual period. First day of the last menstrual period is taken and to add 9 months and 7 days to it to get the expected date of delivery. Baby 37 weeks pe mature ho jata hai aur delivery 37 weeks ke baad kabhi bhi ho sakti hai. Pregnancy ko 3 parts mein divide kiya gaya hai.

The first trimester is 14 weeks of pregnancy. 2nd trimester 27 weeks and after 28th week till the delivery is 3rd trimester. Signs and symptoms kya hote hain aap ke different trimester mein? Symptoms are normal and common. First-trimester mein nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, acidity, breast and any other abnormal discomfort and fatigue. In sab mein ghabarana nahi hai. Agar ye sare symptoms hain to morning mein uth kar thoda sweets le sakte hain, almond, walnut le sakte hain. Agar heartburn ya acidity hai toh aap ko oily food nahi lena hai. Homemade food lena hai and small and frequent diet lena hai. Fruits and salads ki quantity increase karni hai. Coconut water add kar sakte hain and there should be good hydration. Agar bar bar urine jana hai toh ye normal hai. Agar aap ko urine ke sath burning hai ya pain hai so, that indicates UTI. Jo hum aap ko first-trimester mein medicines dete hain vo 100% safe hain. 2nd-trimester mein symptoms kafi hadh tak chale jaate hain. Ismein aap ko fetal movements feel hone shuru ho jaate hain. Aap ko kya supplements lene hote hain during the 9 months? First-trimester mein it is very important to start with folic acids. 2nd-trimester mein iron, calcium supplements lene hote hain and hum aap ko protein diet ke baare mein btate hain. Aap protein supplements bhi start kar sakte hain. Investigations aap ko kya kya karane hain during the 9 months? Aap ka ek beta HCG test karaya jata hai us se humein pata chalta hai ki pregnancy kaha hai. Humein check karna hota hai ki extopic pregnancy toh nahi hai.

Kyuki ye dangerous hota hai. 6-7 weeks pe aap ka ultrasound karaya jata hai cardiac activity ke liya. Uske baad ante-natal profile kiya jata hai jismein aap ka blood and urine test hota hai. Thyroid, thalassemia profile test, HIV bhi kiya jate hain. 11-12 weeks pe aap ka ek ultrasound hota hai kyuki chromosomal ka early detection kiya jata hai. Hum risk factors check karte hain ki koi hai ya nahi. 18-20 weeks pe aur ek important ultrasound kiya jata hai. Ismein baby ke ek ek part and bone ko dekha jata hai. Abhi kya kya immunization important hai aap ke baby ke liya? Ek hai tetanus toxoid jo ki aap ko 18-20 weeks ke aas pass dia jata hai. Next hai DPT vaccine and tisra hai influenza vaccine. Ye saare vaccines aap ko pregnancy mein dia jaate hain. Ek test kiya jata hai 24-26 weeks of pregnancy jo aap ka gestational diabetes detect karne ke liya hota hai. Ismein aap ko fasting blood sugar dete hain.

Hum timely isko manage kar sakte hain. Ab aap ko warning signs kya kya pata hone chahiyai? Taki aap apne gynecologist ko inform kar sakte hain. First-trimester mein agar bleeding hai ya blood spots hain ya fir watery discharge ho raha hai ya fir vaginal discharge with itching ya fir menstrual cramps hain toh aap immediately inform karenge. 2nd-trimester mein agar cramps and dizziness hain, severe headache ya gastric pain ya fir haath and pairon mein swelling hai toh aap inform karenge. 3rd trimester is very important. Agar bag rupture ho raha hai, water discharge hai, vaginal discharge hai itching and foul smell ke sath toh aap ko Dr ko inform karna hai. Aap ko baby ke movements dekhne hain. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ke 1 ghante baad tak left letana hai and movement observe karne hain. Kam se kam 3-4 times movements are important. Agar kam hai toh aap emergency mein inform karenge. So, these are the basic information which a pregnant woman should know. Wishing all the best for being a healthy mother with a joyful life.

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