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MS - ENT, MBBS, Diploma in Allergy and Asthma Programme
ENT Specialist, Gurgaon  •  16years experience
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I am Dr. Arpit Sharma. I did my MBBS & MS from B J Medical College, Ahmedabad and I recently did my diploma in allergy & asthma from CMC Vellore. My main interest is in allergies and allergies are presented with various symptoms like stuffy nose, excessive sneezing, watery discharge from the nose. We routinely divide this into allergies. Rhinitis’s perennial allergic rhinitis through seasonal allergic rhinitis. The seasonal allergic rhinitis the main causes are the pollens which are tree pollens or grass pollens or wheat pollens and for this perennial allergic rhinitis, the main causes are our house dust mites like cockroach and dandruff from this cats and the dogs.

The allergic rhinitis mainly present with the stuffy nose watery discharge nasal congestion excessive sneezing itching in the eyes and the associated symptoms are malice fever, headache and sometimes asthma. The risk factor which is associated with this allergic rhinitis are mainly the allergic asthma sleep disturbances, headache, migraine, nasal polyps & bronchitis. We mainly diagnose allergic rhinitis with main history. The history is very very important as it may lead to whether it is seasonal rhinitis or whether it is perennial allergic rhinitis and the treatment for this allergic rhinitis depends on the environmental factors pharmacotherapy and now the recent advancements in the diagnosis and management are the allergy is skin prick test.

Just to get to know the allergens, you are allergic to which allergens. After diagnosing the allergens we can start you or we can put you in the immunotherapy which is nowadays the treatment for this allergic rhinitis patient.

Thank you.

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