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Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

All About Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgeries!

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Dr. Vaishali Sharma M D ( A.I.I.M.S)Gynaecologist • 18 Years Exp.MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS, Diploma In Specialised Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopy


I am Dr. Vaishali Sharma, Practicing as Infertility Specialist and Laparoscopic Surgeon. Today our topic is Gynae Endoscopic surgeries, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, and their benefits. Gynae Endoscopic surgery has completely changed the scenario of surgical management and gynaec cases. It allows us to remove quite big tumors or cysts with minimal scars on the abdomen. With laparoscopy we can completely deleniate the diseased tissue and we can remove it completely without causing any damage to the normal structure of that organ. For example, if we are doing laparoscopic surgery for a cyst, we can completely delineate that cyst from the ovary and we can remove it completely without causing any damage to the normal ovarian tissue. This way future infertily is not hampered and no harm is caused to the normal small folicles containing eggs in the normal ovarian tissue. Similarly, if we are doing any hysteroscopic procedure for removal of folic in the uterus, we can remove it completely from its base without causing any damage to the normal uterine walls. Earlier when the endoscopic procedures were not so many advanced doctors they had to do blind DNCs for removing such polyps etc. and that way small bits for the polyps, they used to remain inside and many times there was rigorous DNC for removing it completely causing damage to the normal walls of the uterus. In such cases, those patients used to come back with the complaint of decreased flow during the periods causing Asherman's syndrome which can cause a problem in conceiving later on. But nowadays, with hysteroscopic procedures, we can remove such polyps or small fibroids, present inside the uterus without any scar without any stitches and completely without causing any damage to the normal uterus walls.

So for example, there was a 45-year-old female who came from Bihar with a complaint of excessive bleeding during periods and she had been advised major surgery like removal of the uterus there, she came to us for the second opinion and on the investigation, it was found that there was a polyp inside the uterus. She underwent hysteroscopic removal of that polyps and for that, she got admitted in the morning, she was taken up further for the procedure and she was discharged in the evening without any scar or any stitch and her problem of having excessive bleeding was solved completely without any major procedure. So in such cases gynaec endoscopic surgeries, help us in preventing any unwanted major surgery. One more significant benefit of laparoscopic surgeries is that it can be performed during pregnancy also if it is needed. Laparoscopic surgeries are quite safe and secure for the fetus who is growing inside the uterus.

For example, there was this 37-year-old female who came from Chandigarh, she was diagnosed with the huge ovarian mask while undergoing checkup of pregnancy, she was 2 months pregnant at that time and was an ovarian cyst full diagnosed, she was advised to undergo medical abortion of the pregnancy, for that she came to us for the second opinion. We ruled out the risk of cancer by doing various blood tests, and we postponed the surgery we asked her to continue the pregnancy and during her 5th month of pregnancy we planned her for laparoscopic procedure, the ovarian cyst was removed completely through the laparoscopy while she was in her 5th month of pregnancy, and the fetus was completely safe and secure during the procedure and it was found out later on that the ovarian cyst was binained and she continued her pregnancy completely till 9 months of her duration and finally, she gave birth to a healthy and normal baby after 9 months. So, this way endoscopic surgery has helped us in avoiding unwanted medical abortion and also it insured growth and development of a healthy and normal baby, while side by side taking care of the ovarian shysht also. We managed ovarian cyst laparoscopically during the pregnancy itself because of laparoscopy only we could manage it. Gynaec endoscopic surgeries are very safe and secure. Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy they allow us the removal of very large fibroids and ovarian cyst through the small course without leaving any major scar on the abdomen.

If you want to know more about Infertility or Laparoscopic surgery or anything you can contact me through Lybrate. I want to thank all my patients for this support and the faith and the trust they have shown in us. And I am really humbled to receive two national awards from economic times in national fertility award function both in the fields of IVF and laparoscopic surgery.

Thank You!

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