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6 Foods That Help In Building Your Immunity!

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Dr. Arif Yunus 89% (207 ratings)
MBBS, Diploma In Tropical Medicine Health, MRCP(UK)
Allergist/Immunologist, Hyderabad  •  57 years experience
6 Foods That Help In Building Your Immunity!

A healthy child is a happy child. And for this very reason, it is vital to provide the right nutrition to boost their immunity that would help fend off infections and illnesses , so that they have a happy childhood as well as a productive adulthood bolstered by a good immune system. Achieving this goal could be simplified by incorporating the following foods in your family’s diet.

  1. Citrus fruits: There is a host of citrus fruits available. From oranges to grapefruits to sweet lime to guava; citrus fruits help in the development of a strong and robust immune system. They are a rich source of Vitamin C, and hence they can combat the free radicals in a child’s body. These fruits will help your child to stay healthy instead of falling prey to diseases regularly.
  2. AppleApple is one of the most commendable fruits that aids in developing a child’s immunity, hence the age-old phrase, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of apple that can fend off bacteria and free radicals. Moreover, apple leaves can cure cough and cold while clearing off phlegm.
  3. SpeltSpelt protects the blood vessels and a child who regularly consumes it is less likely to suffer from blood pressure and blood sugar problems later on in life. This is because of the niacin content in spelt which can reduce both lipoprotein and cholesterol. It can also prevent free radicals from abusing the tender blood vessels. Spelt also contains copious amounts of phytonutrients known as polyphenols that can shield your child from hormone-dependent and breast cancers.
  4. Eggs: If your child regularly suffers from asthma and coughing issues, then you should talk to a pediatrician regarding the safety of egg consumption for your child. Eggs are rich in all the vital nutrients that can help your child to fight back repetitive issues such as cough and asthma. Moreover, the high protein content aids in boosting the overall immunity of the child.
  5. SpinachSpinach is known for its iron and Vitamin C content, and it is one of the best choices for the immunity of the child. It also contains enough Vitamin A and thus, it helps in retaining the nutrients well.
  6. AlmondAlmonds are superfoods for the immunity of your child. In case your child is not able to chew almonds, you can give him or her almond milk. It triggers the growth of muscles at the early stages of life. Since your child is susceptible to injury from fall and tumble, almond is the best way to protect him.

So, eat your way to healthy living by incorporating the right diet coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle. Good nutritious diet is important to keep good health and fight infections.

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