5 Simple Ways To Avoid Diaper Rash For Your Baby

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5 Simple Ways To Avoid Diaper Rash For Your Baby
Tips to prevent irritant diaper dermatitis (diaper rash)

A mother's prime focus always is how to ensure that her child is happy and comfortable, especially when the child is too small. One of the problems which bothers many mothers who are bringing up really small children, is diaper rash. Sensitive skin, tight diaper and prolonged contact with feces and urine etc are common reasons for diaper rash or irritant diaper dermatitis.

Here are few tips to avoid diaper rash and ensuring your child is always comfortable.

1. Careful with wash: if you are using a cloth diaper, be extra careful in washing such that there is no soap remaining in the cloth.

2. Clean well: when bathing your baby, make sure you clean the area covered by diaper with a mild soap and do not rub the area while drying, since the skin is sensitive.

3. Remove soiled diaper instantly: this is the most important. However busy you are, you need to aware of the times when the diaper/cloth has been soiled. And when soiled, the diaper has to be changed at the earliest. Do not keep your baby in the diaper for all hours of the day. It is good if they are out of the diaper for some time every day.

4. Keep the diaper loose. Also, ensure that you wash the cotton diapers with fabric softeners and try to avoid wipes altogether as they have strong chemicals in them.

5. Keep a tab on rashes: if your baby does get the rashes, check with the pediatrician at the earliest. Frequent topical applications of a bland protective barrier agent (zinc oxide paste) may suffice to prevent dermatitis. There are also chances of fungal infections. Antifungal creams should be used on advice of a doctor.

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