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5 Reasons Exercise Makes You More Intelligent

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5 Reasons Exercise Makes You More Intelligent
5 reasons exercise makes you more intelligent

Studies show that regular exercise makes our grey skills more active. That means we have a sort of a win-win situation - while we get a fit body, we also get smarter! here is how exercise impacts your intelligence.

1) exercise for greater endurance -all of us who run, cycle, swim or indulge in any similar activities face a challenge where we hit the wall. There comes a time when we feel we cannot go further and are ready to give up. Research has shown that regular exercise helps improve mental endurance and helps get rid of mental blocks.

2) yoga for clarity - yoga requires a lot of focus and patience. There are poses which require great amounts of concentration. Regular practice of yoga brings about improved mental clarity.

3) to stay focused - resistance training involves a lot of concentration and patience. Studies had shown that people who did regular workouts that involved strength training could stay focused better with almost no distractions even in their daily lives.

4) better decision making: studies have shown that people who worked out have better decision making power compared to people who didn't as their body as well as brain muscles are more active.

5) to increase productivity - on busy days, we decide to skip our workout because work needs more time. What we don't consider is that if we exercise, it will increase our productivity. This is solely because when our body exercises, more oxygen reaches our brain. This facilitates overall brain function.

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