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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2024

4 Surest Ways For Men To Last Longer in Bed

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Dr. Dinesh Kumar JagpalSexologist • 27 Years Exp.MBBS
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Tips to last longer in bed

You cannot enjoy your sexual life to the fullest if you are unable to last long enough during the act of intercourse. And the primary reason for not being able to do so is not having a good stamina. However just like athletic activities, sexual performance can get a boost if you work on stamina and follow these simple ways to achieve the same.

1. Try pelvic floor exercises: common knowledge is that women or people with bladder issues need to do pelvic floor exercises. What is little known is that pelvic floor exercises can help men treat premature ejaculation.

2. Let there be setting of mood: a pregame is a great mood setter and however crazy this sounds, it actually can help you last longer. Get your partner to massage you. Guide her into how you would like it and take it slow instead of rushing into the act. Research also suggests that if the man masturbates some time before he has sex; he can last longer.

3. Be open to being lead: men usually prefer to be in charge but a lot of times, especially in the bed, a woman taking the charge can prove to be a great experience for both; particularly if you have any problem or stress. Most men feel embarrassed to see a doctor for any sexual problem, ignoring the fact that if treated early, there might not exist any problem at all. Be open to consult a sexologisif you feel somethings not right.

4. Stop and go: while having sex, a little bit of stop and start can prove to be a good way to l cool down and start with renewed energy. When you stop, you can probably try bonding with each other to further help you satisfy each other.
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