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A normal eyesight is important to lead an independent and healthy life. To keep your eye problems at bay, get your eye health-related questions answered by the specialist who helps you see things crystal clear.
Dr. S Bharti, Director & Senior Consultant Bharti Eye Foundation
Dr. S Bharti
Director & Senior Consultant Bharti Eye Foundation
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Let's Talk About Eye Problems

Blindness is a major health burden in India. The country's 12 million population is blind and it is estimated to grow to 15 million by the year 2020. Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in India and it accounts for 62.6% of blindness in the country. Refraction Error and Glaucoma are other major causes of blindness in India, respectively.

In case of gradual loss of sight, the brain compensates for it for some years, but after a point it is unable to handle it. In India, around 550 million people, about half the country's population, need vision correction but are not taking any measures to correct it, says a study by World Health Organization (WHO). The country, the study states, loses $37 billion (about Rs 203,500 crore) in annual productivity on account of poor eye vision among its population.

Lybrate is bringing you an expert - Dr. S Bharti, Director & Senior Consultant, Bharti Eye Foundation - through its initiative 'Ask the Specialist' to help you get your eye problems-related questions answered by a specialist.

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Facts about eye problems in India
Affected Population
India's over 12 million people are blind
Risk Factors
Cataract, Refraction Error and Glaucoma
Key Statistic
India's blind population is estimated to grow to 15 million by 2020
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Lybrate - Ask the Specialist is a platform where users can ask a renowned specialist about their health-related queries and get answers for free.
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Though the question will be visible to everyone, your identity will remain completely anonymous. However, your age, gender, and other medical details will be shared with the doctor. Your contact details also will not be shared.
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Yes, you can consult for anyone. Lybrate encourages everyone to be the custodian of their and their loved one's health.
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It is advisable to share as many details, reports, prescriptions to increase the chances of getting your question answered as it will provide the doctor more information about the health condition.
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