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Zero Desire For Sex? Here Is How Homeopathy Can Help!

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Zero Desire For Sex? Here Is How Homeopathy Can Help!

With any bodily function, there are both deficiency and excess of hormones. Similarly, even with intercourse, there are people with extreme lack of desire for it. This can affect both men and women, and the reasons for this could be different in both of them.

Some of the common causes in men include stress, lack of a loving relationship, alcohol, drugs, smoking, erectile dysfunction, obesity, lower levels of testosterone, performance anxiety, depression and diabetes. In women, in addition to the above, there could be hormonal issues like menopause, childbirth, use of contraceptive pills, pregnancy, menstrual cycles, previous history of sexual abuse and hypothyroidism.

As is evident, loss of libido is a manifestation of an underlying disease and that should be managed for the libido levels to improve. Again, as with any homeopathic regimen, the associated symptoms need to be investigated and managed so that the libido is cured too. The following are some of the commonly used remedies to boost sexual energy. Again, involving the partner helps by improving the equation in the relationship which is extremely essential in this condition.

  1. Lycopodium: This is useful when there is a gradual decline of libido over time. The person also feels afraid to be alone, is melancholic, extremely sensitive, has a weak memory with failing brain power, may have poor digestive abilities, suffers from dyspepsia, wakes up at night feeling hungry, and could be suffering from hepatic disease. There is usually no erection, could have impotence and/or premature ejaculation. In women, there could be dryness and burning of the vagina and late onset of menstrual cycles. There could also be extreme acne in these people.
  2. Graphites: This is again useful in women who are not very open to intercourse. They could in addition have backache, constipation, obesity, skin affections, and morning headaches. In men, this is useful when there is premature ejaculation or too little semen ejected, aversion to sex, sexual weakness. Emotionally, these people are indecisive and apprehensive.
  3. Sepia: In women who are strong, but due to extreme stress, get irritable, depressed and are indifferent to closed family members. This is useful in women who have had miscarriage, pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Emotionally, the mood is very changeable with laughing and sadness and crying spells.

One needs to understand the warning signs, there are certain incidents which indicate that you require treatment. Some of these signs are that your partner has to coax you into the act; and the intimacy has become just an act or routine to be followed; you do not the find the action enjoyable anymore; and if the partner has noticed a gradual decline in your interest levels.

Although, the above mentioned remedies are effective, but self-medication should be avoided. Having a discussion with a doctor to identify the underlying cause and associated symptoms is very essential for effective results in homoeopathy. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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