Importance Of Water In Our Daily Life

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Hello! Everyone

My name major Dr. Kartik Kohli. I’m retired medical officer from army. I served Indian army from 2005 to 2012.

Today we will talk about water - why water is important for you ! Water is an important source of life . As we know , 70% of your body is water .

Now when we talk about water,  what do we understand about the same ? Hydration is important because what we want to take inside our bodies , it will help us cleanse our system. It is good for our skin, hair, nails and most importantly it is good for our GI tract and kidneys too.

What we don't realize is that kidneys remove a lot of bad material out of the body by using water . So what is the content of water that should be in our body ? The content of water should be around 3 to 5 liters a day. Let me give you a simple example . Every waking hour that is , lets say you sleep 8 hours a day - you get up for about 16 hours a day every waking hour.

Have a glass of water one glass of water let’s say 200ml so that will make around 3.2 liters a day that is fairly good enough. That is not good enough but good enough to keep yourself healthy. Now you would ask me as in why water is important for your general bodily function. Bodily functions include like passing of stools. Stools are soft and not hardened because you have enough water in your diet . If there is water in your diet , they are soft - you'll not have problems with your constipation acidity.

It helps you to regulate acid content in your stomach, so the important point is for us to understand that water being such a simple thing , it’s not rocket science. It’s not GI Science - its something very simple that anybody can do.

It will help you reduce your appetite - you can get on your diets very fast . Your diet can be regulated . What is not important is that if u decrease water especially in the winter climate, stools are going to be hard. You'll have acidity , you’ll have not such a good sense of lifestyle that you can enjoy .

At the end of the day , you want to feel healthy if want you to be happy. That is why water is so important for you . If there is lack of water , the simple indicator for the lack of water in your diet will be when urine turns yellow. If there is any shade of yellow in your diet or urine , you'll understand that there is lack of water. This is a very simple indicator.

I want you to be healthy - I want you to be free of disease and for which one simple thing you can do with your life , with your diet is to increase water in your diet. Now water can be attained from multiple sources , like you can drink water plus you can eat fruits and vegetables . But I will suggest that you drink plain simple water as that is not so hard. 

Thank you.

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