Why Is Natural IVF Cycle Better Than Standard IVF Cycle?

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Why Is Natural IVF Cycle Better Than Standard IVF Cycle?

In vitro Fertilization is a reproductive mechanism and a proven treatment to create embryos by retrieving the matured egg from the womb and fertilizing it. The developed embryos are replaced in the uterus through the cervix after quality assessment. The duration of one cycle of IVF lasts about four to six weeks. Since the IVF process involves fusing together of eggs and sperm in an authorized laboratory, it takes time for the eggs to mature.

Natural IVF is very similar to the standard IVF procedure, which was explained above. Ideally, the women are given daily injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. In a natural IVF, the number of pills and medicines are considerably lower than the standard IVF. A less amount of gonadotropin medication is prescribed for the women who undergo Natural IVF. This hormone supports the growth of the egg in a woman’s ovary and helps in stimulating the release of an egg during ovulation. The dominant egg is then monitored regularly with the help of ultrasounds and blood tests. Once it attains the desired size, it is then retrieved from the womb, by a surgical procedure.

In addition, natural IVF has many advantages over standard IVF.

  • Natural IVF reduces the risk of Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome and is one of the cost-effective methods of reproductive technologies.
  • It reduces the risk of heavy medications to produce multiple eggs resulting in the lack of production of multiple embryos. This aspect will eliminate multiple pregnancies as well.
  • Fewer medications imply nothing but fewer side effects and fewer office visits. There is also less physical stress on the body due to smaller amounts of injections.
  • Natural IVF is comparatively a patient-friendly low-cost technique than standard IVF and it has lower risk factors due to the less quantity of drugs.
  • The Natural IVF method is the closest that gets you to natural fertilization since it focuses on the quality of the eggs and not quantity. Due to less stimulating drugs, it is more receptive to the pregnancy.
  • There is also proven evidence that babies born with Natural IVF are full term and have healthier birth weight.

However, this procedure is recommended only after detailed analysis and review of the medical history of the patient. It is important to consult with a fertility specialist before opting for the IVF. This technology mainly benefits women who find it hard to conceive biologically. If you have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes or any other issues in the uterus, or the reproductive system, IVF has been recognized as a successful treatment to help you get pregnant.

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