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What Causes Cavities?

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What Causes Cavities?

We wonder why some people have more cavities even if they don't eat more sugar and they brush two times a day, whereas other people who eat alot of sugar and brush once don't get cavities. 
Actually, there are a lot of factors associated which lead to cavities. 

  • Frequency of eating, more frequently you eat more cavities you get.
  • Heartburn or gerd lead to stomach acid in to mouth which damage enamel, means more cavities.
  • Sugary drinks, cold drinks and other beverages also damage enamel and result in cavities in between teeth.
  • Lack of tooth brushing.
  • Dry mouth, lack of proper salivation leads to more cavities.
  • Teeth with enamel defects like fluorosis are more prone to cavities.
  • More acidogenic bacteria in mouth lead to more cavities.
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