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Verruce Planna / Flat Warts!

Dr. Ravi Singh 92% (152 ratings)
Homeopath, Lucknow  •  9 years experience
Verruce Planna / Flat Warts!

Verruca Plana also known as flat warts. They are usually harmless and painless. Its said that many go away on their own after months to years. But most are often suffering since years. Moreover one can not wait for it to go on its own where there is uncertainty. They are just a cosmetic problem but can greatly affect person psychology. People tend to hide from the social gathering. Even during case taking many patients admitted suicidal thoughts due to this cosmetic trouble. They tend to stay small in size, but they can be numerous in quantity. They often spread to other places on the body by scratching or shaving. They are considered as caused by human papilloma virus.
In homeopathy we consider patients on an individual basis, sometimes therapeutic prescriptions are made according to location, color, shape type etc.

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