Treatment Options For Female Infertility!

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Treatment Options For Female Infertility!

A number of different factors can cause the problem of infertility in women. The issue of infertility is not new to the medical world. Various medications and treatments have come up with the advancement of science and this has helped cure the problem of infertility over time. Although infertility can have a severe impact on your mental health, it is still not impossible to cure. There are multiple medications and treatments which can still give you a healthy chance of having a baby. Age is one of the major factors which cause the problem of infertility in women as women are born with a finite number of eggs and with increasing age, the number of eggs automatically reduce. Therefore, to avoid infertility, opting for an early pregnancy can also be suggested.

Start With a Thorough Diagnosis
A number of blood tests are carried out to determine the cause of infertility, like the presence of cystic ovaries, abnormal hormonal levels or any other cervical problem. Apart from that, the procedure of Laparoscopy is also carried out to look at the outer lines of the fallopian tube, ovaries, and uterus as well. This procedure helps the doctors in identifying any abnormal growth in the pelvic region. The next procedure which is carried out is HSG or Hysterosalpingography which involves the insertion of a dye or a saline into the cervix through ultrasound or X-ray to check for any kind of blockage in the fallopian tube.

Various Treatments for the Problem of Infertility

  1. IVF or In Vito Fertilization is the most advanced procedure which is used to help the sperms and eggs. This artificial technique of fusing the sperms and the eggs outside the body and placing it in the uterus after the formation of the embryo is one of the most used procedures in the case of infertility.
  2. Another alternative treatment which can be chosen is the Assisted Reproductive Technology. Hormonal therapy along with the combination of fertility drugs are two procedures which are used in this technology. Other types of tests which are carried out are intrauterine insemination and zygote intra fallopian transfer among others.
  3. Egg donation is another popular method which is used during infertility. This process involves the removal of Oocytes from the ovary of women who have taken fertility drugs.
  4. A small amount of concentrated sperm cells is used in another method called Intrauterine
  5. Insemination which only requires a few minutes to be completed and is an extremely painless process.

Along with these other alternative methods of surrogacy, ZIFT or Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer and special medical therapies can also be used to increase the fertility rate.

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