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Things you need to know before a skin biopsy

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Things you need to know before a skin biopsy

Examination of a sample of skin (removed/extracted from the body) under a microscope is known as skin biopsy. It helps in diagnosing skin infections, conditions like psoriasis and diseases like skin cancer.
There are some things you need to know before getting a skin biopsy

How to prepare for this procedure?
You need to inform the doctor about several things like-
1. If you have any allergies
2. If you are or might be pregnant
3. If you are suffering from any kind of bleeding problems and taking medicines like Aspirin or warfarin
4. If you are on any kind of anti-inflammatory medication like prednisone

How does it feel?
When the skin sample is removed, it is done under the influence of anesthesia. Therefore, no such pain is felt at all. The only time a little sting is felt, is when the local anesthesia is injected.

What are the risks associated with skin biopsy?
There are no life threatening risks associated with a skin biopsy. But sometimes, a skin biopsy can cause skin infection or may result in persistent bleeding or even a scar may develop.

Post procedure care tips
After a skin biopsy, you will be instructed by your doctor on how to take care of the area of the skin where the procedure is done. Some of these instructions include
1. The biopsy site must be kept clean and dry
2. It would take 3-14 days for the removal of the stitch from the site
3. In case of pain, excessive bleeding, swelling, redness or fever, inform your doctor

The results of such biopsy tests take 3-10 days to get available. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist.

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