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The Process of IVF Through Donor Eggs

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The Process of IVF Through Donor Eggs

In vitro fertilization or IVF is an assisted reproductive technique in which an egg and a sperm are fertilized in a petri dish in a lab and then the embryo is transferred into the mother’s womb, where it develops normally into a baby.

In most cases of IVF, the eggs used are of the real mother’s. But in some cases, this can’t be done. This is where IVF using donated eggs comes in.

IVF using donated eggs is recommended if:
You have had your ovaries removed
Post cancer treatment which has damaged your ovaries
You are over 45
You only produce few or low-quality eggs
You have tried using fertility drugs or IVF unsuccessfully
Post recurrent miscarriages
You have a serious genetic disorder.

How is IVF using donated eggs done?
It’s simple, the egg is provided not by the would-be mother of the child, but by a donor. The donor can be an unknown woman, a friend or a family member. If you decide to use donor eggs from an anonymous donor, you can find one using a fertility clinic, an egg bank where eggs taken from donors are frozen, or an egg donation agency. Just like in a sperm bank, you will also be able to choose the egg donor using usually data regarding physical characteristics, IQ, ethnicity, educational and economic backgrounds, and occupation.

Eggs used in IVF can be frozen ones or used from fresh donors. In egg banks, egg donors are usually healthy young women below the age of 35 donate their eggs after stringent screening and the harvested eggs are frozen for subsequent use, a procedure that happens in sperm banks regularly. Many fertility clinics have their own egg banks.

However, quite a few fertility clinics still provide fresh or non-frozen donor eggs for IVFS treatment. Both men and women desirous of having a baby can use IVF using donor eggs.

How it’s done?
In women:
In this the reproductive cycles of both you and the egg donor are synced using medicines. The eggs produced and used are taken straight away for fertilization with a sperm using IVF. You are simultaneously given medication to prepare your womb for an embryo transfer. The embryos produced will be transferred to your womb as in conventional IVF. No more than two embryos need to be transferred here.

Sometimes, the donor eggs are used to produce embryos which are frozen and then transferred into your womb. This is a much less stressful way of treatment. Sometimes, another technique called GIFT is used. Here the donor eggs and sperm are transferred together into your womb before fertilization takes place.

In men:
Doctors will check if your sperm is healthy. Then he or she will use them for IVF with a donor egg and the resultant embryo will be transferred into a surrogate mother’s womb.

If you want discuss any other problem, Consult an IVF Specialist.

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