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Smoothies - Are They Actually Healthy?

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Smoothies - Are They Actually Healthy?

There are a variety of foods and concoctions that have been developed for our urban realities and to help us become more fit. Smoothies and juices are the latest craze that has been on the fitness scene for a few hours. There are many people who have taken to smoothies in place of a solid meal because this combines a variety of healthy ingredients so that one gets a wholesome meal which can also be had on the run. But there are many schools of thoughts regarding the efficacy and the health benefits of smoothies.

Are they really as healthy as they are said to be? Let us find out with this article!

  1. Protein: There is a good dose of protein in smoothies which comes from the large amount of fruit, vegetables and dairy as well as oats and other such elements that are used to create one. Protein is one of the main elements that come from smoothies and it also helps particularly after a workout or for those who are into sports.
  2. Dietary fibers: Because of the copious amounts of berries and other fruit that is used to create a smoothie, one can gain great amount of dietary fibers also. This helps in clearing out the toxins from the digestive tracts, which can further prevent the generation of kidney stones. Yet, there is something to be said for the ingestion of fresh fruit, which makes for even better levels of dietary fibers. So even if you are having smoothies, you must ensure that you also have plenty of fresh fruit.
  3. Probiotics: Curd based smoothies is one of the best things that one can have because of the number of probiotics that they contain. Curd contains a number of good bacteria which is very good for the digestive system as well as the metabolism. These good bacteria are called probiotics. This helps in stabilizing the metabolism and the digestive process, which can be very helpful especially for people who are suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases.
  4. Sugar: If one used sugar instead of jaggery or honey in the smoothie, then it is no better than having a can of coca cola. For this reason, one will need to replace sugar with other natural sweetness that will bring down the level of kilojoules or kilo calories. This will make the smoothie much more healthy so that one can have plenty of fruit without the sugar intake.
  5. Liquid content: Many people use juice as the liquid content. Yet, this is not always the best option. This contains a lot of sugar, even if it freshly pressed. So, one can substitute the same with water.
  6. Oats and cereal: You can toast oats and others cereal in order to line the parfait or the smoothie. This will also bring in plenty of protein as well as other vitamins. This kind of a smoothie makes for a crunchy taste even as it gives you a full meal which can be taken at least three times a day. But do check for allergies when it comes to oats and grains before you make such a smoothie. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda.
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