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I am having aches in my gums and having difficulty in chewing food. Currently. In location so can't visit dentist. Can you oks suggest any medicines for time being?

Dr.Arun B Jain 90% (270ratings)
MD, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Bangalore
I am having aches in my gums and having difficulty in chewing food. Currently. In location so can't visit dentist. Ca...
Just follow below said instructions 1] salt water gargling 2] keep a clove seed on the place of gum pain 3] avoid sweets, wafers[alu chips] 4] do if possible oil pooling follow all these until you visit doctor.
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Smoking - Know Its Impact!

MS - General Surgery, DNB - General Surgery, AFIH
General Surgeon, Navi Mumbai
Smoking - Know Its Impact!

How Smoking Impacts Your Organs?

As you inhale cigarette smoke, about 7000 carcinogens stir the crevices of your body. In India, about 3,00,000 people die every year due to smoking-related issues.

Here's a list of 5 such organs, which are the most affected by cigarette smoke:

1. Your lungs - Your lungs are probably the first organs to bear the wrath of cigarette smoke. Majority of the lung cancer cases are due to smoking. Other diseases include bronchitis and emphysema. This smoke paralyzes the cilia lining the inner walls so much so that it overproduces mucous. When the mucous builds, respiration suffers. Asthma and cancer follow.

2. Your Skin - Your skin also gets affected up to a huge extent if you smoke. You could have deep circles under your eyes, wrinkles on your skin, and stretch marks, if you continue smoking over time. Also, there lies the risk of major health issues like skin warts, psoriasis, skin cancer, and wounds, which may take longer to heal.

3. Your Penis - Studies revealed that you can take longer for an erection and find it difficult to maintain it if you are a heavy smoker. Studies have also revealed that men who quit smoking had longer and firmer erections.

4. Your Liver - Smoking increases the chances of you suffering from liver cancer dramatically. According to studies, half of the liver cancer cases are due to smoking. Obesity can also take place if you're a heavy smoker.

5. Your Eyes - Smoking affects your eyes to the extent of making you blind. Partial vision loss, glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and diabetic retinopathy are some of the other diseases you are susceptible to if you smoke.

Despite the negative effects, quitting smoking can save you from all of these potential health hazards. Here are some ways to help you quit smoking:

1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy - There are a few nicotine replacement tools in the form of nicotine nasal sprays and nicotine inhaler, which you can use to quit smoking.

2. Chew on something - You should try to chew on some candy, or a gum, or anything crunchy and satisfying once you start getting restless for a cigarette or any other form of nicotine. That usually helps.

3. Relaxation techniques - If you are resisting tobacco strongly, it can be very stressful indeed. Take a break from whatever you are doing and go out for a walk, practice muscle relaxation, yoga or deep breathing to keep the craving out of the way.

4. Get involved in some physical work - Getting involved in some work will surely go a long way in reducing your craving. You can also try out physical exercises like squats, running, or jogging. Otherwise, you can also indulge in some needlework, or anything, which involves concentration or physical work.

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I am suffering from back pain for 5 yrs. L5 s1 prolapse, l4 -l5 bulge, neck pain c4-c5 mild bulge and d3-d4 pain. I have taken many treatments like allopathy, ayurveda,siddha and homeo. But pain is increasing. I am not riding bike. My job is sitting job and I have not do physical activity. This pain started when I got hit in backbone by one person before 5 yrs. Pls suggest what I need to do.

Dr.Darsh Goyal 89% (21ratings)
MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Fellowship in Joint Replacement, MCh (Ortho)
Orthopedist, Delhi
I am suffering from back pain for 5 yrs. L5 s1 prolapse, l4 -l5 bulge, neck pain c4-c5 mild bulge and d3-d4 pain. I h...
There are many reasons for back pain with radiation to leg like disc disease, injury, wrong posture, infection etc. You need to see an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation of your back problem and try to find out the reason. Timely diagnosis and management can help to get you back to normal activity.
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