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Population Explosion - Why Family Planning Is The Need Of The Hour?

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Population Explosion - Why Family Planning Is The Need Of The Hour?

Population explosion refers to a situation where there is a sudden and magnanimous increase in the size of a population. This population explosion is affecting people in terms of healthcare facilities, literacy, employment, and a number of aspects of life. This is where the need for family planning arises as it would help people in keeping control over the number of children they give birth to, by use of contraception or through the use of sterilization in a voluntary manner.

The causes which lead to population explosion are as follows:

  1. Increase in birth rate: Birth Rate around the world has increased with each passing year and the situation has been worse in developing countries. The main reason behind this is the lack of awareness among people about ways to control delivery.
  2. Infant mortality rate has decreased: As science and technology have improved, that has led to better treatment facilities along with the emergence of new drugs, leading to a decrease in infant mortality rate.
  3. Life expectancy has increased: Over the years, there has been a significant improvement in the living condition due to better sanitation, better nutrition, which has all helped to increase life expectancy.

So, by looking at the above-mentioned causes, we can easily say that to curb this menace, Family Planning is the way forward.

How can family planning help in controlling the population explosion?
Family planning programs offer a wide variety of contraceptive choices to couples, to enable users to keep the population in check. Some of the ways by which family planning can be of great help are detailed as under:

  1. Changing the mindset: With the help of various family planning programs, the aim is to change the mindset of the people and to create awareness about planning pregnancy and restricting it to not more than 2 pregnancy
  2. Reduction in the risk of maternal mortality: Family Planning can help reduce the risk of mortality that is associated with childbirth, by avoiding risky pregnancies from taking place.
  3. Improved health care for children: Low amount of fertility helps in producing healthier children. Children born at short intervals are all susceptible towards facing high mortality risks.
  4. Life options improved for women: By allowing women to have more control over their fertility can help enhance their status, hence provide them better choices in set-ups where there is an expansion of educational and economic opportunities.

The idea is to control the total number of births a woman gives during her entire fertile period. This help in controlling the overall birth rate and population control. However, stringent checks are required and the efforts should be made to spread the awareness and the reach has to be increased.

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